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    Is something wrong with your car?


    Can your car be driven or is it completely immovable?


    Does it have any missing or damaged parts?


    Do you need to have your car painted but it is not on your budget and on top of it, you just don’t have the time to have it done?

    Does your vehicle needed repairs but the quoted fee will end up costing more than your car’s worth? Not only will you be paying for the repairs, it will also be highly inconvenient as you will be force to take the bus to go to work and you’ll be paying for the fare, too.

    You decided to sell it but the quotation is ridiculously low than what you think it should worth?


    Now you wanted to buy a brand new car, however, there is no space on your garage as you have not yet disposed your old car – which you now considered as an eyesore and a JUNK.


    Well, if you are reading this now, today is your lucky day!


    You may say, “How can this be my lucky day? Are you kidding me?”


    The answer – NO! We are not kidding you. In fact, we are here to help you.


    We buy all types of vehicles, any year, make, or model and we offer fair and honest pricing based on the current market value for all conditions of car whether it is wrecked, damaged, salvaged, rusted, flooded, running or non-running, or whether it is just an unwanted car. We are not fussy about your vehicle’s shape or mileage.


    We know that your time is valuable, so, rather than wasting your precious time hunting car dealers or buyers for your car and end up wasting your time and effort because the value makes your car worthless, why not let our company quote your car? We assure you that we can pay you more than most junk vehicle buyers.


    Not only will you save your time and resources for selling your car, you’ll get your car’s worth at a very competitive price and your garage will now have a space for a new car that you are planning to buy.


    We are ready to buy your car today and offer top dollar value for it without any burden on your shoulders. Yes, it is that easy to sell your unwanted junk vehicle and you will not be stressed with all the paperwork as we will be the one to work it out for you leaving you extremely satisfied with a pocket full of cash.


    We value your time and we don’t want to disturb you as we know you have a life. We will pick-up your car at your most convenient time and we will tow it for free; that is for dealing with us and trusting our company.


    We understand that you might have a lot of questions. You can call our hotline and talk with our friendly operators who will be glad to assist you and answer any questions that you might have. So pick-up your phone, dial our number and get the highest pay-out value for your junk car.

    Top Dollars Paid for Your Unwanted and Junk Vehicles

    Having a car trouble again? How much money now have you spent trying to fix it and be upset about the same cycle of “fixed and break”? Maybe it’s about time to switch it into cash!


    We the junk car buyers can do that for you, because junk cars are what we want!


    We buy all junk cars wither it is damaged, wrecked, non-running, flooded just name it, we still want it. What you offer to us, we guarantee you that we will match it with the top price. So enough wasting money trying to repair it for a thousand times, just make an investment out of it.


    All you have to do is just dial our hotline number and we will make sure that everything you want to know will be answered.

    Good News!


    If you call now and get quote, we will then pick up your car and hand you the money in cash. But if you want the money ASAP you can also drop it to the office and get paid. The good news about this process is that if we fail to meet the time we settled, we will make sure that you will have a 10 % of the prize agreed to you as an addition to the actual price. This is our way of showing to you that you are our first priority.


    The junk car buyer is a licensed business and been serving for the past five years, so you can have the assurance that we are offering nothing but the best for you. We also make sure that any information about you is completely confidential, you are safe here.

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